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Prayer for World Peace on Arts Quad
I saw the poster in Upson and so I went for this Prayer for World Peace, an event graced by the monks from the Namgyal Monastery. Namgyal Monastery is the North American Seat of the Personal Monastery of H.H. Dalai Lama. The only monastery out of Asia under the personal patronage of the Dalai Lama is here in Ithaca!

Even though there's a prelim tomorrow, I went for this event, because Lydia once said that some things just have to be done, like there's only one chance for it and studying cannot always be the priority.

I took photos and after they began chanting I sat my camera down and then stood back up, put my hands together and listened to the indistinguishable words in the murmur that the monks made.

Around me, some people had their hands together, some were standing straight, one lady was meditating. Most were just sitting, and there were a few lying down. So it struck me to mentally chide those lying down - what disrespect for the monks!

After some moments of observation, I realised - all these people don't actually need to be there. They were probably there only because they wanted to, and no matter what they're doing, why do I get to decide that those lying down are disrespectful? If the crowd were standing as they would probably be doing if this same thing had been held in Singapore, those sitting down would be disrespectful. If most people were sitting, those lying down are disrespectful. So if everyone were kneeling, maybe the standing ones would be disrespectful. By whose benchmarks should these judgements be made?

Taking a step further back, I considered further and thought that in the recent years, ever since I've become slightly more aware, all my views of other religions are influenced by my upbringing even though I've always thought myself to be open-minded. I've been looking at other religions through the coloured lenses that I grew up with. It's time to truly take an open mind, and try to see other things as they really are.

What an inspirational murmur...

It seems that I do need to take time to not be rushing/getting ready for the next thing in my life.

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this is a nice reflection =)

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