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The first of staying-together issues
It happened.

I cooked dinner today [and yesterday, and I think the day before]. I started cooking the moment I arrived home cos I was hungry and wanted to eat. So assuming that everyone was going to be back for dinner, I cooked three portions.

I smsed to ask them where they were when dinner was almost done, so A took really long to reply as usual, the other (B) took an unusually long time to reply. A says he's playing tennis with a mutual friend, will be eating out, he's sorry that he didn't tell me, asked if I cooked a lot. I told him I can eat his share cos I was hungry.

Then B walked over to join A and A was supposed to drive both of them back. When B met A, A says he wants to play for half an hour more. ?!

B smses me, says that since it's going to rain, B is just going to eat out. ?!?! Rain -> stop playing -> come back and eat?

Doesn't A know that B is depending on him to drive back? They've been playing for 2 hours and it's not some formal thing... Doesn't it make sense to stop playing already? I mean since the situation is a bit messed up and he caused it by not telling me? Time to stop and atone for his mistake?

In sooth I know not why I am so angry.

Food/money -> can waste
Effort -> spent
Time -> probably wasting more if I feel angry

I seriously don't get the logic in this mess.

And the worst thing is, why do I feel angry about food being wasted like that?

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Leftovers in the fridge = ready food the next day! So it isn't really being wasted? (Evidently I'm making some assumptions here.)
Not to trivialize your sentiments ><
I guess next time don't assume and check earlier whether people are coming back for dinner, or figure out who frequently eats out and plan around that?
Or if it's the fact that you've taken the effort to cook but your housemates don't seem to appreciate it that's aggravating you, I suppose you should talk to them about it, when you're cooler about it.
In any case, things pop up. Not worth getting worked up about that, unless it's an unsalvageable situation.

Nah. I'm a bit tired of eating leftover food. Maybe it's a remnant from my mum's being tired of eating leftover food.

Well I think we're going to lunch out and dinner out today, so I don't see how they're going to finish the food. We'll just see if the food ends up wasted. Sometimes I consider more things than other people do. Today is Friday = eat out day. Aiya but there are times that I've been shown that I consider much fewer things than others so lol...

But the trend was that everyone eats at home for dinner, just that they get back later than I do... It's the first time this happened. Anyway shouldn't push notifications be more efficient than pulling in this case, since it has been the default that they're coming back.

If the situation were unsalvageable, then there's no point getting upset over that. Right?

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